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NutriCigs Sleep Aid


Appetite Suppressant*

Supports curbed appetite suppression. Eat less while enjoying an electronic cigarette, with the added benefits of a natural appetite suppressant. Let nothing hinder your hotness!*

  • Give Your Body & Weight-Loss Goals A Kick By Eating What You Like, Just Less of it!
  • Ignore Your Afternoon Cravings Without Going Nuts & Still Feeling Satisfied!*
  • Disposable, Fortified E-Cigarette; A More Useful Electronic Cigarette!
  • Many Experts Believe That Vapor Allows The Body To Absorb & Utilize Active Supplements Easier!
  • 3 Delicious, Exhilarating Flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, & Chocolate
  • 1.8% Nicotine by Volume
From £9.99

Energy Booster*

NutriCigs Support Boosting energy while giving the ability to enjoy an invigorating electronic cigarette without the calories, carbs, sugar or sudden crash!*

  • Energy Without The Crash, Or Having To Stomach One More Bad-Tasting Energy Drink!*
  • Supports Natural Energy Whenever Your Body Cries For It!*
  • Disposable, Fortified E-Cigarette; A More Useful Electronic Cigarette
  • Many Experts Believe That Vapor Allows The Body To Absorb & Utilize Ingredients Easier!
  • 3 Tasty, Vivacious Flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, & Cherry
  • 1.8% Nicotine by Volume
From £9.99

Sleep Aid*

Relax and grab your pillow, a better night’s rest is within your reach while you savor a comforting electronic cigarette with all-natural sleep aid ingredients. Wake up refreshed and well rested!*

  • Make An E-Cig The Only Routine You Need Before Bed!
  • Supports Restful Sleep. Rest Like A Baby Without Resorting To Pharmaceutical Methods!*
  • Disposable, Fortified E-Cigarette; A More Useful Electronic Cigarette
  • Many Experts Believe That Vapor Allows The Body To Absorb & Utilize Ingredients Easier!
  • 3 Tasty, Delightful Flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, and Chocolate
  • 1.8% Nicotine by Volume
From £9.99
How it Works

What are NutriCigs Fortified Disposable Electronic Cigarettes?

NutriCigs UK are disposable, fortified electronic cigarettes. They are the newest technology and they are high-tech, non-flammable alternatives to traditional cigarettes. They contain no tobacco and allow users to enjoy the pleasure of nicotine, as well as additional benefits without exposure to tobacco, smoke, and tar. Beyond even ordinary electronic cigarettes, NutriCigs combine one-piece disposable e-cig technology, with the addition of nanograms of all-natural active supplements that support eating less, increased energy and restful sleep. Users enjoy the doses of vaporized nicotine and 100% natural ingredients, while they exhale a water vapor that looks and feels like a puff of smoke. The sensation and flavor are remarkably the same as smoking a cigarette, without many of the side effects. Users also get the wonderful effects that can help along with their goals; whether it’s to have more energy, a restful night’s sleep, or control appetite.

How Do NutriCigs Fortified Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Work?

NutriCigs UK fortified disposable electronic cigarettes work very simply. The innovative one-piece design takes no effort at all, and unlike traditional cigarettes, does not require anything to light them, nor anything to clean up after them. The advanced delivery method of vapor makes exceptional use of the active ingredients in all three types of NutriCigs, making them more effective and more useful than other electronic cigarettes.

For users, they are the ultimate in convenience and simplicity, allowing for an experience that is even simpler than smoking a conventional cigarette, and easier than other e-cigarettes. In essence, all a user has to do to use them is take them from the package and vape. No charging, no changing of cartridges, no filling with liquid. When the e-Cig is through, toss it! This is as simple as it gets!

The core of the e-cigarette is the battery, which functions as the brain of the device, and it is contained within the whole e-cigarette unit. The battery entails more than a mere power source in this instance, containing many essential components, including an advanced microcomputer “smart chip,” indicator “ash” light, operating mode sensor, and the lithium ion battery cell - all of which lie concealed within a sleek, single-unit electronic cigarette. This is the main part of the disposable e-Cig, however it also contains the atomizer, (which is responsible for evaporating the liquid nicotine), the liquid nicotine and the active ingredients.

Essentially, when a smoker inhales, the operating mode sensor will subsequently trigger the microcomputer “smart chip,” which in turn will signal the lithium ion battery to release a charge to the atomizer. The atomizer receives power and heats up, vaporizing the nicotine solution. While the indicator “ash” light glows green, red or blue, (this will depend on which blend you are using) this process occurs, serving as an indication the electronic cigarette is being inhaled.

NutriCigs Fortified Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

NutriCigs UK Disposable Electronic Cigarettes are the best way to go smokeless. Don’t you wish your e-cigarette did more for you? Whether you are just getting started with e-Cigs, or want to give disposable e-cigarettes a try, they are a low-cost, highly convenient option. Plus the added benefit of all-natural supplements to accomplish your goals, or help you out when you need a little something extra, makes them surpass any e-cigarette on the market. Keep them in your car, at the office, at your bedside, in your bag or suitcase so you have them whenever you need it! Each disposable e-cigarette goes for about 500 puffs, and they are available in a variety of delicious flavors.

  • Smoke Virtually Anywhere!
  • All-Natural!
  • A More Useful Electronic Cigarette
  • Promotes the Benefits of Eating Less, Increasing Energy, and Restful Sleep!*
  • No Recharging Required; They’re DISPOSABLE!
  • Great When You're On-The-Go and Traveling
  • Equals about 2-Packs of Traditional Cigarettes

Signature Glowing Tip
NutriCigs Fortified Disposable Electronic Cigarettes have a Green, Red or Blue LED (this will depend on which blend you are using) tip that lights up with every puff, for the most realistic appearance.

No-Charging Required
NutriCigs Fortified Disposable E-Cigarettes never need charging, and each disposable goes for about 500 puffs. It’s so simple; just use them and pitch ‘em!

Solid 1-Piece Technology
Innovative technology is our game and unlike other e-Cig disposables, ours is a one-piece device that combines the single-use battery, atomizer, and cartridge into a single unit. This advanced design produces maximum vapor and intense flavor with every puff.

Built-In Cartridge, with Natural Ingredients and Liquid Nicotine
Just pull the tab to activate and you’ll be good to go! No changing cartridges or refilling your e-cigs with messy liquids here! Each cartridge is built into the disposable e-cigarette, and contains everything necessary: nicotine + active supplements!

Maximum Flavor
NutriCigs Disposable Fortified Electronic Cigarettes are packed with delicious flavors, making them a pleasure while you vape and afterwards! NutriCigs Slim are available in Tobacco, Menthol, and Chocolate flavors. NutriCigs Energy are available in Tobacco, Menthol, and Cherry flavors. NutriCigs Sleep are available in Tobacco, Menthol, and Chocolate flavors.

Silicone Tip
The exclusive silicone tip within the mouthpiece is designed to prevent leakage and have the most comfortable feel. One hole intake for maximized draw and resistance for an exceptionally authentic cigarette feel.